Owner Operators

Regency to expand its offerings for owner operators.

Regency Transportation headquartered in Franklin, Mass is looking to provide additional services to increase its growing fleet of owner operators. Starting in late 2015 Regency offered positions to owner operators. Within a year twenty five contractors in local and regional positions have signed onboard.

Starting in December 2016 they were able to offer discounted insurance to current and incoming owner operators. A plating program will begin in early 2017 to offer full spectrum onboarding to the driver business owner. Currently Regency provides a qualcomm unit to take care of the ELD mandate, IFTA filing, insurance, toll transponders and business gas cards. This allows the owner operator to concentrate on operating their equipment without having to worry about back office operations taking up their time.

For more information on becoming a contractor with Regency, contact Recruiting at 855-378-8782 or submit an Online Application Form