Regency Transportation Brokerage/Logistics

January 12, 2017

Regency Logistics

Regency Transportation is proud to announce a newly formed Freight Brokerage division – Regency Logistics. Regency Logistics was formed to utilize our carrier network backed with our own asset base to handle the capacity needs of our customers.
Heading up the new division is Kyle Rapas. Kyle brings 5+ years of transportation and brokerage experience and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management – welcome aboard Kyle.

Whether it’s with our own fleet or with our established carrier network Regency Logistics can handle the burden of carrier procurement, rate negotiations, shipment scheduling and capacity forecasting – allowing our customers to focus on their core operation.

For more information or to contact our team, please email us at or visit our services section under Freight Brokerage.

New Trucks/Features

We added 5 new trucks to the fleet in late November with the latest safety and fuel economy features available on the market. A complete powertrain designed and manufactured by Detroit featuring the DT12 automatic transmission. The DT12 takes the guess work out of proper gear selection, shift ranges and reduces driver fatigue by doing the work for you. No more holding in a clutch sitting in traffic. With the DT12 you just need a brake and accelerator pedal making it easier to operate and ideal for drivers of all experience levels.

Also featured is the Detroit Assurance Radar System, which senses when the truck gets too close to a vehicle ahead and activates the active brake assist to help mitigate potential collisions. The radar system also features adaptive cruise control, which helps maintain a safe, continuous following distance and lane departure warning.

Additional safety features include LED headlights and rear facing LED spot light for better visibility when coupling/uncoupling. We also opted for all wheel disc brakes which can reduce stopping distance up to 33% compared to standard drum brakes.

The Freightliner Evolution package was added which uses air foils and wheel covers to reduce wind resistance for increased fuel mileage.

All of these added features were geared towards safety, fuel economy and reliability, while keeping driver comfort in mind.