Regency continues to be committed to investing in and utilizing the most advanced technologies available to reduce operating costs, ensure safety of our associates and the motoring public, and increase overall efficiency.

Utilizing the latest technologies available has allowed us to improve all aspects of our operations in order to increase productivity and efficiency while consuming fewer resources. This has allowed us the ability to continue to invest in equipment and technology to provide the high level of service our customers have become accustomed to.

Key Technology Systems

  • Transportation Management System by TMW
    From order entry and dispatch through real-time decision-making tools TMWSuite® covers all aspects of our transportation operations. The system organizes and integrates all of our company’s data to help us operate more efficiently and effectively. It combines the power of a client/server environment and easy to use tools allowing us to operate based on quantifiable facts. The modular design integrates seamlessly with other technologies such as mobile communications, EDI, and Routing systems.
  • Omnitrac’s Mobile Communications
    We utilize the Omnitrac’s MCP series units in all of our vehicles to provide messaging, tracking, safety monitoring, fuel efficiency monitoring and remote engine diagnostics.
  • Avaya IP Office Telephone System
    Enhanced telephone communication system to better service drivers and customers alike
  • Accellos 3PL Warehouse Management
    The Accellos platform is designed specifically for multi-client 3PL warehouse operations. Unlike other warehouse management systems (WMS) that were built for distribution and have been retrofit for 3PL, our system handles the complexity of multi-client operations. Capabilities include the ability to set customer specific workflows, Inventory Attribute tracking to allow for specific customer tracking requirements, Radio Frequency (RF) workflows, and directed put away.