Warehousing & Distribution

warehouseRegency Warehousing & Distribution

Having the ability to concentrate on your core business, in other words doing what you do best, is a major advantage of out-sourcing your warehousing needs to Regency. Public warehousing allows you the flexibility of converting many of your fixed costs to variable costs. As your need for more space increases or decreases, public warehousing can be flexible enough to accommodate those situations.

With more than a half million square feet of Food grade modern warehouse space, and our own transportation company, Regency can offer flexibility unmatched in the distribution
industry and also in compliance with Australian safety standards.

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  • Public Warehousing
  • Contract Warehousing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Pool Distribution
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Local Delivery
  • Cross Docking
  • Slip Sheet
  • 84″ Roll Clamp
  • Computerized Inventory Control
  • In-house Carrier with Same Day Delivery
  • Return Goods Processing / Repacking
  • Personalized Service 24 / 7
  • Same Day Deliveries with no hidden charges
  • Pallet Exchange Programs
Products Handled

  • Paper
  • Food / Grocery
  • Plastics / Glass Containers
  • Metal Containers
  • Electronics
  • Packaged Products
  • General Merchandise