Regency Transportation has practiced energy conservation measures throughout it’s history. Since the early development of idle-free technologies in the trucking industry, Regency has been partnered with the leading manufacturers to converse fuel in our fleet. Regency became a SmartWay Transport Partner back in 2006. As an affiliate of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Partnership, Regency has increased the energy efficiency of our fleet and at the same time, helped reduce our carbon footprint. Other technologies that Regency has adopted include:

  • Well-maintained, late model, aerodynamic tractors
  • Fuel reducing idle-free, in-cab HVAC technologies
  • CARB certified, emissions and GHG reducing engines
  • Annual fleet exhaust opacity testing through State of New Jersey Emissions Program
  • Low rolling resistance wide-based tires on both power unit and trailers
  • Tire inflation systems to monitor and maintain proper tire pressures to reduce wear and fuel consumption
  • Retreading technologies
  • Light weight component specifications for both tractors and trailers
  • Governed speed controls to reduce fuel usage and increase safety
  • Installation of stability and traction control, ABS, and crash prevention devices to reduce the possibility of an event that could have a negative environmental impact
  • Scrap metal, oil and refrigerant recycling
  • Driver training includes: No Idle Policy, fuel conservation practices and driving techniques
  • Change over to high efficient direct-fired heating systems in warehouses
  • Controlled and monitored HVAC systems in all facilities
  • Change over to energy conserving, occupancy sensing, high bay fluorescent lighting fixtures in all facilities